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Problems which a launchpad needs to solve are:
1. Problems surrounding the presale process: Current process of sending money to a wallet address and then waiting for tokens to arrive seem too naïve.
2. Dumping by buyers at the time of DEX launch: This necessitates that release schedule be made according to vesting period. Doing it manually makes it dangerous and dependent on the project owner’s goodwill. It should be driven by smart contracts without any intermediary. Current auction pool platforms like bounce or dxsale do not solve this.
3. Locking of liquidity and team tokens: Many existing platforms offer these services as standalone services. They are good but integrating it with launchpad ensures that liquidity does not go in the hands of project owners, rather it is automatically locked first and then remaining funds are released to them, all through a smart contract.
4. Lack of support: New projects need incubation support. They need to be handheld. Assistance in Tokenomics , development, design, marketing and legal affairs is required. We are partnering with industry leading incubators to bring strong support to projects launching with us.
5. Idea conceptualization: We want to create an in-house idea conceptualization platform where different ideas can be discussed with the community. You can call it an innovation management centre. The idea is to let new ideas go in open and be discussed through community participation. This will be done in the first quarter of 2022.
6. Uneven allocation in presales: Participations are based on whitelists or else tiers. This weeds out small investors. We want to democratize participation and anyone holding $CRDN can participate.
7. Be able to run an affiliate program: Projects should be able to run affiliate marketing programs. It is a referral program in which those who are referring someone to the presale can earn a percentage of the purchased amount. This will create a viral effect in marketing of projects. This is specially required in presales of small projects which cannot afford large budgets for marketing.