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Q3 2021

Liquidity Mining
Locker deployed for BSC
Security Audit
Decentralized presale platform
IDO platform launch
First project launch
Q4 2021
Project Catalyst entry
CEX Listings
Q1 2021
Voting mechanism for decision making: The details of voting structure is yet to be finalized. As we are going to be preoccupied with a lot of things in the coming months, we have moved this to Q4 stage.
DAO structure: We want to relinquish the project to the community. If the community does not like our work, they can take it away from us as well !
Permissionless project listing: The ultimate goal is to move to a permissionless listing mechanism where new projects are vetted by the community.
Q2 2022
Cross chain interoperability: The idea is to leverage cross chain functionality of Cardano to allow projects from other supporting networks to launch on our platform. We can act as a bridge between Cardano and other platforms.
New auctions modes: Sealed bid, Dutch auction, Batch Auction: We want to experiment with other modes of pre sales rather than just fixed price presale.
AMM DEX for Cardano : The idea is to create an AMM DEX which allows liquidity providers the flexibility to provide liquidity within any range of prices. It should also have features of CEX trading like limit order, stop limit order, and take profit. The detailed plan is yet to be finalized.
Decentralized idea and innovation management centre: We believe that any great project starts with an idea. In our endeavour to become a one stop innovation junction, we want to create an idea conceptualization platform which allows for discussion upon ideas and voting by participants. This will evolve to become our community approval centre for new projects.
Dedicated development centre for Cardano projects: Cardano is new. Its smart contract platform will be even newer. Plutus and Haskell are not established. We want to build a team of dedicated Cardano developers which bring ideas to life. This will make our life easier as our job will be to vet Rockstar teams and great ideas. We will rest assured that execution will be taken care of.