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Why Cardence

Why Cardence
The quality of a launchpad depends on the kind of projects launching on the platform. All other features revolve around attracting great projects, incubating them and adding greater value to it through mentoring, community building, technical support and marketing.
Cardence gives utmost importance to the vetting of projects to be onboarded. This is required to ensure relevance of the platform and to safeguard investor’s interest.
Our strong connections in the industry and inhouse expertise ensures that new projects receive the right support to grow. Having a great idea is important but what is more important is to be able to execute it. Cardence steps in at every step to build the project. We help in:
1. Tokenomics
2. Technical support
3. Design
4. Marketing
5. Legal affairs
We are partnering with trusted players in the industry to create an ecosystem for innovation.
Cardence has simplified the process of pre-sales by creating a trustless ecosystem where investors can invest with peace of mind. We support the entire ecosystem by allowing our standalone presale products to be used by everybody. Fees collected from these products contribute towards building even better launchpad for onboarded projects.
Cardence solves four major problems of pre sale :
1. Lack of right mechanism for presale: Present process of sending money to a wallet seems very outdated and is seriously flawed. Manual distribution of tokens is inefficient and exposes to risks of fraud. We solve this problem through the introduction of our fixed swap pools which allows for seamless swap of presale tokens.
2. Lack of liquidity for trading: Tokens without liquidity to trade with are useless. What if the liquidity is never added? We solve this problem through the use of smart contracts which can not be controlled. A prefixed percentage of the amount raised will be automatically locked as liquidity for a prefixed term . The smart contract does not allow disbursal of funds without the owner locking the prefixed liquidity.
3. Dumping of tokens by buyers: Buyers may dump tokens as soon as trading starts. Presale tokens are usually very cheap ( for the right projects ) and as soon as trading starts , some token holders start dumping their tokens. This jeopardizes a healthy growth of the project. It is necessary to prevent presale participants from dumping their tokens. Current process to do it is to withhold those tokens and release them according to a vesting schedule. As this process is not driven through smart contracts, it becomes risky and uncertain.
We have simplified this process by introducing Smart contracts to do the job. The vesting schedule is created before the launch of the presale and smart contract releases tokens on the basis of this schedule.
We also believe that those who are not willing to follow the vesting schedule should not participate in a presale. Participation should be driven by belief in the project and its long-term viability, rather than for making quick gains by dumping the next day of trade commencement.
4. Dumping of tokens by the team: Another major concern is the dumping of team tokens. Ideally, a team token should follow the same vesting schedule as the presale tokens. There is no reason to allow teams to dump their tokens. While we do not enforce this, this is recommended. Investors should be wary of investing in projects which do not follow a team token locking.
This incentivizes teams to continue working and implementing the roadmap. Our team token locking feature caters to this. It allows for locking of team tokens according to a vesting schedule. Projects get a sharable link to share it with their community.
These features allow trading of tokens in a secure environment and allow market forces to determine prices. This will ensure a fair launch.
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